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Guatemala: COVID-19 donations provide extended relief to families in need

07.23.2020: The Government of Guatemala has announced that the Covid-19 "State of Calamity" has been extended until August 5.  With the majority of income producing activities at a standstill, the families in the areas we serve in the western highlands continue to struggle.  Even the weekly market, the street-closing "Super-Walmart" of fresh produce, street vendors and household goods, has become unreliable.  When we provided our first wave of relief supplies to hurting families in the highlands, our funds were limited to one distribution.  Due to the response of Institute supporters, we have provided three rounds of relief supplies and are scheduled for a forth distribution this week.

Sacred Heart Hospital Pensacola prepares for October 2020 medical mission to Guatemala

07.23.2020: Sacred Heart Hospital Pensacola is preparing a medical mission team for the Western Highlands of Guatemala for a October 17, 2020 departure.  Sacred Heart's partnership has provided multiple medical teams since 2016 consisting of physicians, nurses, physical and occupational therapists, and administrative professionals.  These teams serve communities in difficult to reach areas which have little to no access to health care.

An Update from Sagar Sukka on his COVID-19 extended USA visit and his return to India:

07.15.2020: Hi everyone, greetings to you in the precious name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  On the outset, I want to thank each and every one for your prayers and financial support during this unprecedented pandemic. As many of you know, I came to America intending to stay for only three weeks.  The purpose of my trip was to attend a Pastor's conference in LA and visit my family and friends and return to India on March 16th.  International flights to return to India were cancelled on March 14.  I re-booked my flight for April 2nd and as you all know, things only got more.

Ministry During the Pandemic

06.15.2020: Guatemala's lock down has kept our teams from traveling and our Guatemala staff limited to very little movement within the country.  Many of you who are reading this have worked in the western highlands to implement better practices and increase the capacities of communities with the goal of creating truly sustainable solutions to poverty and malnutrition.  During the current crisis, our work has moved from development to relief, sending your donations to provide essential supplies to meet the immediate needs of the communities we serve.  This week we distributed our second wave of relief supplies on (June 11, 2020).

Introducing Hernando and Katherine Montanta...

We welcome Hernando and Katherine's ministry partnership with the Institute.  Heading to Hungary to live out their ministry, thier objective is to help awaken believers in Jesus Christ experience the abundant life that Jesus came to give. Hernando began his discipleship ministry in 2014 and has been active training believers in Cuba, India, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Nepal, and Hungary.  Hernando and Katherine will become full-time missionaries in August of 2020 and will be based in Hungary which will allow them to serve several countries in Eastern Europe.  Learn more about Hernando and Katherine...

Mississippi State University...another great week in the Western Highlands of Guatemala:

For the forth year in a row, MSU students spent their spring break teaching and training Mayan communities in the Western Highlands of Guatemala.  Each year these students arrive in Guatemala with a wealth of knowledge from personal farming experience along with what they have learned from their instructors...all mixed with a genuine love for people. This year 20 students continued training over 30 families in rabbit husbandry, training thier student colleagues introduced last year.  The families that were trained last year had found success in the raising of rabbits for food and income so they returned for a refresher course in the basics and a new "rabbit 202" course where students provided training in hide tanning and a demonstration of how to make marketable goods like infant booties from a finished hide. A yearly tradition for the students is the end of the week "cattle round-up" where the students put their roping skills to a test to aid local cattle farmers in providing vaccinations for their cows, something these farmers do not have the resources to do. 

(this picture is from the round, this cow was not harmed during the vaccination process!  And yes, this is a female student handling this cow - Go MSU!)