nigeria IT2The Institute began working in West Africa in 2011 when we were invited to work with a rural hospital project to assist in their IT needs.  As is often the case when we enter into a new work…the work we traveled for, the hospital IT work, was not the work that Yahweh was inviting us to.  Now, 5 years later, we are working with the education of children in a leper colony where healthy children are outcast, due to their parents having leprosy, in a society that still houses it’s leprosy victims on the fringes of the community; a nursing school that provides nurses throughout West Africa,  and an orphanage which houses 40 children and provides foster care for 150 others and cares for aging widows.  Our West African staff consists of two full time missionaries…one national who lives within the leper colony, and one U.S. citizen who provides nursing care for orphans and widows.









Global Business Solutions Institute finds its purpose in sharing the love and compassion of Christ to enhance the lives of the needy and alleviate poverty around the globe.